Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Printable Artwork & Framed Prints & a Startup Business Venture by Two Moms

Antique Purple Crocus Flower Print

So it has been quite a balancing act the past few weeks setting up the new Etsy shop and website, and trying to balance my day job, my online sewing and and pattern collections, and take care of the kids (my youngest turned 1 year old two days ago!)

My best friend (Angie) and I rarely get to see each other anymore because we both are married and raising families.  She is on one side of town, and I am on the other.  We both have had our respective etsy shops and would talk about art, design, and sewing.

The funny thing is, we actually learned to sew together at her house many many years ago, when she got a sewing machine and we went to the fabric store together and each picked out a simple pattern to try and make.  I remember it so well because it was the middle of winter, snowing, and freezing.  All I could think of in the store is that I needed something warm.  So I picked up a pattern for a cape, and tried to think of the warmest fabrics I could to make it with - fleece and flannel.  I still have that cape and still cover up with it when I go outside.  I live within walking distance to a market, and I will throw it on when I walk there.  I've worn it on movie sets where I knew I would be sitting outside in the cold for long periods of time.  I took it to an overnight boy scout campout that I, well reluctantly went on, because I love the kids (and well, because my husband agreed to get me an air mattress to sleep on inside the tent).  In all cases, I have been so happy that I have had that cape.  People may think you look funny, but in my experience I have been the one gloating when they are freezing their butts off and I'm the only one wearing a warm, ankle length blanket, with oversized hood, that ties around my neck.  There's a reason people wore those things when they were riding around on horse drawn carriages.  Likely, the only reason people aren't wearing them anymore is because of the invention of the car).  Anyway, let me get off this tangent (though I will be more than happy to talk about the benefits of the cape more if anyone asks, lol!)

Angie and I used to talk about how great it would be to work together someday, and finally we decided to stop talking about it and actually do it!  It has been a wonderful venture, and I am so proud of what we have accomplished so far.  The new store is called The Woodland Cottage Co., and we are specializing in home decor and design.  This is a start up business, so we are still in the beginning stages and we have a ton to do yet.

So far, we have a selection of printable wall art as well as pre-printed and framed artwork for sale. We will be adding additional home decor items in the coming weeks.  I have linked both our Etsy store and our main website on this blog in the tabs along the top. Here are a couple of my favorite pieces that we have listed:

Botanical Succulent Sage Blue Minimalist Plant Print Wall Art
I really love the color of this succulent print, not to mention I have succulents all over my front porch in pots.  I bring them in every winter, but some of them don't make it through the winter.  I love that I can hang this picture in my house and I don't have to worry about watering it, lol!

Blueberry Kids Vintage Book Art Print
This one is just fun! I love the whimsical nature of it, as well as the fact that I could hang it in my kitchen or the kids room and it would work equally in either spot.  The poem at the bottom is so darned cute as well! This is part of a collection, and there are other "fruit & veggie" kids that would group well with this print so that they could hang as a set!

I will keep updating this blog with our newest designs and items as the go in the shop!

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