Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Victorian Edwardian 1900s Shawl Wrap Crochet Pattern in Ice Wool and Silk

This is a beautiful 1903 Antique Crochet Shawl Pattern which I came across which was designed to be made with ice wool and silk.

Ice Wool Shawl Pattern

The edging on this wrap is so delicate and feminine. Per the pattern, "A PRETTY SHAWL -Lightweight wraps that can be readily slipped about the shoulders are always in demand. This very pretty one is simple and easily made and provides just the warmth required on a cool evening or when one is suffering from a slight indisposition."  The instructions indicate that this is not difficult to make.

Materials needed:

The material is white ice wool for the center.  For the border use one strand of the white ice wool and one of colored silk.  The needle should be large in order that the stitches may be loose.

I have just uploaded a copy of the pattern for purchase in my Etsy Store - follow this link!  I am working on adding new items each day, so check back for more!!!

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