Friday, July 28, 2017

Roaring 20s Flapper Crochet Pattern of Boudoir Cap Butterfly & Buttercup Night Cap Hat

Today I have posted another amazing original crochet pattern in my Etsy Store... for a Boudoir Night Cap for a lady.  The top of the cap is decorated with a delicate butterfly design.

Materials suggested are Mercerized Cordonnet, Art. 66, 1 ball White, Size 70.  One No. 14 steel Crochet Hook. 3/4 yard either pink or blue Satin Ribbon.

Detail of the top of the cap butterfly design

This is a pattern for crochet which was published originally in a little booklet from 1920 and is no longer under copyright.  I have scanned the pattern at 600 dpi to ensure high quality viewing and printability for an instant digital download from my store.  You can see more information on it at this link.

I am currently working on building my store back up, both at Etsy and on my personal store, which is linked on the tabs above.  New items are being added daily so please bookmark me if you love arts & crafts!

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