Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sewing Pattern Inventory Database Using Evernote...

... so I have about a couple thousand sewing patterns, as well as other memorabilia (catalogs, manikins, vintage clothing, thread spools, iron-ons, other vintage crafts, etc lol) which I have been wanting to catalog for quite a while.  I'm a collector and it's a sickness.   I have been trying to find the best way to catalog all of it.

I saw a couple of people using Evernote as a resource to catalogue their sewing patterns.  At first, I thought this wouldn't work for me for my requirements were:

1. Being able to scan the front and back of each pattern
2. Being able to add notes to the pattern (Fabrics, sizes, etc)
3. Being able to notate the year of publication
4. Being able to mark what box they are stored in (this was very important to me, as every time I need a pattern I have to go through 20 boxes looking to see what I have... which is fun, but sometimes time consuming.
5. Be able to sort them based on women, men, children, decor, etc... then subcategory, dress, pants, top, etc.
6. Be able to figure out what duplicates I have based on them being catalogued.
7. Be able to show them off.  That's what a collector does... kind of like how I text pictures of my twins to people everyday... who probably think I'm nuts, but I don't really care because it makes ME feel good. LOL!

So... I asked for some suggestions on my Facebook page, and in the meantime I found both an online website which I thought at first would work and a downloadable open source database (for people with music, video, CD, and etc collections. Then my friend Charles (thankfully) responded to my FB post and pointed out... what happens if the website shuts down? Would I be able to export my collection, etc. He also asked what my main purpose was,
"is sorting/organizing the important thing? Or searching/finding based on your titles and notes? Do you need to know "I have twenty-five sweater patterns, seven of them are cardigans," or "I need to find that wool cardigan pattern with ribbed cuffs."?
He later asked, 
"Can you give me a better understanding of why you want to sort and group? How will you use that ability? These aren't idle questions. Asking why and what leads to the how. The same way you might ask someone "why do you want a big buckle?" If the answer is "for strength," you might say, "here's a better solution.
These were good question which got me thinking, and he kindly did some research and sent me some GREAT links with ideas.  After looking them over, I decided the best method which might work for me was to use Evernote to catalog my collection.  I already am a user of Evernote (often clicking to save articles never to be looked at again lol)... so I am attempting it (there also was a nice idea for cataloguing with your iPhone - which would be awesome accept that my iPhone 3 [yes you read that right] seems to disagree).   What's nice is that, as one blogger (and fellow pattern hoarding nerd) pointed out,  Evernote allows you to tag and search items, and it has an app for your computer, iPad, phone, etc so if you happen to be at the fabric store and see a fabric that would be great for a pattern you know you have, you can look up the pattern and see the required yardage and notions right there!!!!

So... I am currently testing out the Evernote method using some "newer" vintage patterns.  What is nice is that instead of scanning in each of my individual patterns, I can do an internet search and find where someone has already scanned it and just drag it over into my note.  Saves me a TON of time.  I have a feeling I will be scanning when I get to the really old patterns, but starting out with the more recent vintage patterns, there's often someone selling it somewhere who in addition to having already scanned it has typed up the description on the back of the pattern, which I can copy and paste to my note.  Additionally, I am thinking of later setting up a separate notebook for patterns and items that I want...

AND as I stated above, I want to show it off as well LOL which gives the added advantage of people possibly giving me helpful suggestions.  I have added a tab at the top of my blog which should open up the public link to my pattern database for anyone who would like to see my work in progress.

You can see my database (work in progress) at my public link Aimee's Personal Pattern Inventory.  There's also a new tab at the top of my blog which will take you there as well.

To give credit where credit is due, as well as very precise instructions on this method, here is the link to the method I'm trying out

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  1. On your evernote, how do you choose which pictures shows on your snippet list?


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