Friday, November 14, 2014

My twins are 1! And my house is a mess!

My twins officially turned 1 on October 16th.  My son, Zoltàn is getting both of his first bottom teeth at the same time.  My daughter, Storm, is just starting to get her first bottom tooth, we can feel it.  So they aren't going to be toothless!!!!  They were both exactly 17 pounds 10 oz at their 1 year check up a couple weeks ago.  Zo isn't even on the chart for his size/height, and Storm is in the 3%... but I guess that's to be expected with twins born at smaller weights.  Storm was born first at 5 lbs 6 oz, and Zo was second (13 min later) at 5 lbs 5 oz... so they should be smaller... though the doctor asked if we had shorter people in our family and suggested they are taking after them, since they are in perfect health.

And a side note about having twins... I was told that they would have to stay in the hospital a minimum of 3 days, since thats standard with twins... mine were out in 2 days, just like a single baby would be.  In fact when the nurses came in to tell me they could go, they said even they were surprised because they'd never seen twins get out in two days before! I DID NOT have a c-section, though I did have an epidural... and it did wear off twice! And my husband told me that the second time it wore off and I was screaming bloody murder every time I had a contraction (while the nurses said I had to wait because the anesthesiologist was busy [? wtf]), that he was actually impressed by how nice I actually was as I grabbed his shirt and pleaded with him to help me, but did not curse or yell hate at anyone :) lol

Anyway, I just got my blog up and running again.  Currently, I am working on a pattern database to start cataloging my collection.  I am a sucker for vintage sewing patterns and sewing memorabilia.  It's the one thing I collect, so I thought it was time to try and put it in some order.

Hopefully now that I actually have a little time again (i.e., the twins play with each other now, and don't completely depend on me, lol), I can start sewing and crafting again!  I'm looking forward to getting my sewing room (basement) back in order as well!  Granted I have to squeeze all of this in with the time that I am working full time doing real estate appraisal working from home while watching my children and desperately trying to clean my house... I still am waiting for a maid, nanny, gardner, butler, and cook to show up with volunteer services at my doorstep...

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