Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Vintage Manly Moose Bubble Vest for my Hubby is DONE! whoohoo!

Last night, into the late, as promised... I finished the vintage oh-so-manly moose bubble vest for my dear sweet Trenton.  Sigh.

In what was only a couple more additional hours of frustration, screaming and throwing things after my sewing machine refused to stop scooting around the desk and the fabric refused to stop scooting around under the needle, here is the final outcome:

Finished the inner side seams:

Arm hole trimmings finished:

Bottom trim finished:

Finally finished, as seen on my hunky hubby, with snaps up the front and on the pockets which you can slide your hands into at the sides, or...

...also open at the top:

View of the cute backside (and of the back of the vest... ;)

And here's how crappy I looked when it was done! But doesn't my little Twister look cute modelling next to me with his ball? :)

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