Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Vintage Kitsch Couture Fashion News & Links: October 26, 2011

The Vintage:

Several Insanely Fabulous Vintage Collections Blew Up at Tzar Ultra Lounge for Cirque Du Cite

One of the off-kilter Fashion Focus shows this year; Cirque Du Cite, was all about the finest vintage in all of Chicagoland.
1960s fashion icon Margit Brandt dies at 66; instrumental in breakthrough for Danish design

The Kitsch:

Competition allows student designers to bring ideas to latex-clad life

The Sexual Health Helpers at UGA are hosting the second-annual Project Condom, a fashion show and educational event showcasing student fashion designs made from condoms. Casual wear, dresses and even wedding gowns will be featured.
Heeheeheehee... it's prettier than a chastity belt and water resistant.  Some of these dresses even glow in the dark ;)

I Love the '90s
Vintage clothing from fashion's least appreciated decade finally has its moment
NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the love of god no!!!! My husband will totally pull out all of his Nirvana grunge clothes without skipping a beat.

Ordifen Cup China Lingerie Design Contest 2011 Pictures

This is not a photo I normally would have shown in order to show off the highlights of a fashion show... but I couldn't pass up the look on the gentleman face to the right.  LOL.

The Couture:

New form of fashion; demi-couture
Now being referred to as demi-couture, these clothes still have big price tags – often into five figures – but now can be bought off the rack
Ready to Wear Gets Couture Edge, Price Tag to Match

This is another link that has to do with the link above.

Thumb rules for couture outfits
A model presents a creation by French designer Christian Lacroix as part of his Spring-Summer 2009 Haute Couture fashion collection in Paris. 1 Fashion classics: If you want to buy the right garment, focus on style oriented garments, ...
Growing success for plus size fashion magazine and its current actions
...offering men and women an online magazine that is different from what is usually seen in the mass media. accomplishes this by understanding that everyone deserves fashion no matter their size or height.
Karl Lagerfeld, who recently joked that he should rename himself Karl “Labelfeld” due to his proliferation of branded side projects, will launch a mass-market women’s fashion brand called Karl at Paris Couture Week in January.

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