Monday, October 10, 2011

Vintage Kitsch Couture Fashion News & Links: October 10, 2011

Oh... there is some very fun Vintage, Kitsch and Couture reading today. The kitsch totally deserved to be on top today!

The Kitsch:

Oh this is weird... this link doesn't have much story but there are photos of dresses made from milk.  Judging from the photos, it appears that the milk material wrinkles easily. The orange dress looks wrinkled to me.

(The original story is here:  Fashion designer makes clothes from milk)

PETA is going to be pissed.

Oh wait... they already are...

AND whats-more, here's a great article which takes the milk dress, the yak nipple dress (I posted this last week), and Lady Gaga and wrap them all into one article...


Fantasy inspires designer's outlandish costumes

"In Thomas' world, it serves a necessary purpose as he develops outlandish costumes for the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and Katy Perry's California Dreams tour"

The Vintage:

Style Fashion Week LA to Feature Retro Designs from Stop Staring!
"Clothing line Stop Staring!, featuring vintage clothing by designer Alicia Estrada, will showcase its new spring and summer lines at Style Fashion Week LA October 18"
Dressing Marilyn Monroe
"The showstopping dresses worn by Marilyn Monroe are etched into our collective memory. But how many of us can name the man who made them? Kate Finnigan explores the legacy of William Travilla."
I have a good Travilla book at home which details his movie costume designs.  You can get it here:


New exhibit brings art deco fashion
"It's what I love," said Cynthia Amneus, textile and costume curator at Cincinnati Art Museum.
Funny to randomly come across this article... back when I worked at the Cincinnati Art Museum, I used to use Cindy's computer upstairs in the costume department.  OMG it is so neat up there.  It was my most favorite place to be in the museum (other than the fact that I also remember it being the coldest place to be in the museum.  lol).  The costume collection (if memory serves me correctly) was the largest collection at the museum yet the smallest actually on display.

This is honestly a big part of the reason that I fell so in love with vintage clothing.

The Couture:

Paris Fashion Week: Catwalk Report – Elie Saab Spring/Summer 2012
"Scoring the last show of Paris Fashion Week might appear to be a bad spot for a designer of this status"
The Creative Space Beirut

"Their goal was to guide their students on the road to discovering the roots of their creative ideals through fashion, creating an atmosphere of teamwork and collaboration while promoting individuality."
'Indian fashion proceeding at breakneck speed'
India as a nation is progressing at breakneck speed and this reflects in its fashion space too, a leading British designer says, noting this country should leverage the skills of its artisans to become a global leader.
Fashion Blog I'm Reading Today:

DC Goodwill Fashionista

Did you know that the DC Goodwill had a fashion blog?
Did you know that the DC Goodwill had a vintage fashion week?


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