Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Vintage Fashion News & Links: October 4, 2011

Vintage Fashion News I'm Reading Today:

#1:  The fashion show that left me feeling vintage
"It was both enthralling and depressing to see so many different styles and trends, all in one room, most of which I’d lived through or had some recollection of in my lifetime."

#2:  Vintage with a dash of now
"Flea markets are full of treasures at never-heard of prices but once you have got your hands on that prized possession, how do you blend it into your existing wardrobe, lending a modern update to an ageless style? Suhasini gets experts to dole out trendy styling solutions for your vintage discoveries"

#3:  Fashion from the Socially Unfashionable
"And then it hits me. Mental patients!"

#4:  West Hollywood nears approval of first fur ban in U.S.
"The bill cites as explicit examples furs made from a fox, mink, rabbit, bear, seal or chinchilla. Supporters said the council is considering an exemption for "vintage" garments containing fur."

#5  Tying One On (Photo)
"The bow tie is the Google of garments: it says,  “I can answer your questions.  I know things, trust me.”
Comment: (#5 = my favorite quote today :)

Vintage Fashion Blog I'm Reading Today:

Holly Gab
A great vintage blog packed full of photos.


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