Friday, October 14, 2011

Brand Awesome New Fabric.What to Make? Oh! And Pictures of Me Being Attacked by My Evil Cat.

You get to see more of these AFTER you read about my fabric! :)
I was at the fabric store last weekend to pick up batting for the "Manly Moose Vest" (see The Vintage Manly Moose Bubble Vest for my Hubby is DONE! whoohoo!), and as I was passing a table of fabrics which were on sale, I spotted this:

This is an absolutely gorgeous fall suiting, in navy and white check with a pink line running through it both directions.

The fabric is 60" wide.  And as you can tell from the picture it has a lot of texture to it and is thickly woven.

Not knowing what I was going to make with it, (skirt? dress?) etc, I went ahead and bought three yards of it hoping that my options are open.

I purchased it in store at Hancock Fabrics but I can't find it at the store online, so I am really glad I grabbed it while I could in case this particular fabric was on sale because it's about to go bye-bye.

I'm trying to decide what the best garment would be to make with this beauty.  I think I'm leaning towards a skirt or dress (1 piece? 2 piece?) but  I'm open for ideas!

I have to make a Sasuke Ninja Costume for the last of my minions before starting this project for myself, but I would love to go ahead and decide what it will be used for.

Evil Vampire Cat Attack Photos

As I have mentioned several times prior, my cat is evil and hates me.  Her name, appropriately, is Twilight:

I got photographic proof this time:

And, no, at no point in these photos am I standing on her... my foot is lifted off the ground and she is hanging from it, continuing the attack and refusing to let go.  She literally stalks me.

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