Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Halloween Part Deux: - Sewing the Dracula Costume For Minion 1

So, 5 year old Jack wants to be Dracula for Halloween and asked me to make his costume.  This past weekend I made his Dracula cape.  I have to hand it to him, the boy was so excited that he sat next to me the entire time watching me sew, asking... is it done yet? is it done yet? is it done yet?

I used a modern pattern, that I found for a quarter at the thrift store (score!), but with a few of my own modifications.

I used the basic cape pattern from the package, though I bought the fabric BEFORE deciding to use this pattern, so I was slightly short on fabric length, so I shortened the width of the pattern a bit (down the back seam) so that it would fit.

Additionally, the pattern that I used was meant to be used with a single layer of felt.  So basically, cut, sew, done.  No hems to worry about.  I wanted to line the inside of Jack's with red, using faux satin for both the inside and outside.  This also means lots of seams and hemming, not a difficult modification though.

Finally, though the pattern included a collar, it was a collar which laid down.  I wanted a scary standing collar, so I used three pieces of interfacing to get the required stiffness before sewing the final pieces of the collar together and to the hood.

I love love love the final outcome! (he does too. super good feeling :)  I'm can't wait to dress him up in the full costume!

Jack was so excited that he didn't take it off the rest of the night (dinner was a, excuse the pun, nightmare... as I begged him to please not get anything on it. lol!)

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