Monday, October 17, 2011

Finally... We Have Sasuke... The Ninja Halloween Costume

Over the weekend I finally (almost) completed the Halloween costume for my step-son; the final costume of the three I had to make for the minions.  He wanted to be Sasuke... a Japanese anime ninja from something called Naruto which he thinks is the greatest.  Sasuke, yes Sasuke (apparently pronounced "Sauce-K"), who I am sure probably all 9-year-olds are familiar with, like duh, but I had to do complex internet research on.

Wyatt as Sasuke - still need to hem sleeves and take up tunic length a bit
Not only that, but apparently Sasuke has gone through several wardrobe changes in his short (or long) animated life, so there's like a Generation 3 and a bad Sasuke, and etc.  It was also a challenge trying to settle on which look he wanted.

I started with pictures researched from the internet, and finally he decided that this was the one he wanted to go for.  Here's what the character looks like:

What I did first was ask Wyatt what colors each item was.  LOL.  Turns out it's white top, black pant, dark blue wrap, and a purple rope belt.

For the top and the wrap, as luck would have it, the costume faux satin was on sale for 50% off (about $1.50 a yard).  Done! They were out of black in this type of fabric though.

For the pants, I purchased a matte black gauze fabric.  It was on sale for a very low price, and it was the cheapest black workable fabric I could find for the pants. When I did a fitting on him of the pants, he said, "I'm wearing girl pants." Fannnnn-tastic.  Once he put the entire outfit on though, both he and Trent realized that the material actually worked out well.

I used a basic costume pant pattern for the pants and altered them to fit him.  The folds that are seen in the photo are where I folded the edges to cut out at the line for the small size.  On multi-sized patterns I don't cut away the larger sizes from the pattern, that way they remain re-usable.

For the belt... they didn't have any rope in the decorator sections that looked right.  And anything that I could substitute in it's place cost between $4 to $12 a yard.  So... in the home decor section, I found a box of natural cording, used for draperies, at 79 cents a yard.  I purchased 3 yards and a box of purple dye:

Rope belt - Wyatt said the rope looked, "authentic"

To cut the wrap, I took the blue fabric folded in half, and made a semi-circle...  the old school method with a piece of twine and chalk secured in one spot.

Could I have folded the fabric in half again and done a quarter circle? I retrospect, yes.  LOL.

I got a surprise visit from Mr. Bubbles while I was taking a break.

The back of the costume:

Wyatt as Sasuke - back
I made the emblem on the back (there is a name for it.  Wyatt knows it.  He corrected me a few times when I referred to it as an "emblem" so, I won't even pretend to remember what the heck it was) with fabric scraps saved from the tunic and Jack's Halloween costume:

Jack as Dracula
Jack had been  happily running around in his costume for half the day.  Wyatt was pretty jealous.  The reason that these photos show Wyatt wearing and "almost" finished costume that still needs some hemming and tweaking is that it was almost their bedtime here, and he started to get a little down in the dumps about it because he had hoped to run around in his costume too.  So I quit sewing for the night and let him wear it for the last hour he had before bed, in "as is" condition.  I didn't have the heart to keep it from him any longer.

That kid was so darned happy the rest of the night.  I got hugs and praises on my sewing skills from him.  He mentioned several times how perfect the costume was.  I've never made children's Halloween costumes before, but it was such a warm, self-satisfying feeling to see them that happy because of something I did.  They've already started placing their orders for next Halloween.  Guess I did okay! :) :)

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