Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Vintage Fashion News & Links: October 5, 2011

The Vintage:

#1: Going, going, gone: auctions offer vintage designer treasures, some for a steal

"Just imagine meeting your girlfriends for lunch with Ella Fitzgerald’s handbag dangling from your forearm. And, according to the auction catalog, it was estimated to sell — could this be true? — for between $250 and $400."
This auction looks like it was pretty darned cool.

#2: Evian launches fashion inspired limited edition bottle okay. Generally when I think fashion, I don't generally think bottled water.

#3: Inside Fashion Forecast: Color and Bold Prints Will Fire Up Spring Retail Sales

"We believe that these colors will be retail success story," said Jane Singer, Editorial Director. "Color has a tremendous emotional and psychological impact. These vibrant shades are uplifting and add drama and excitement to the selling floor."
Gee, who would have thought that come Easter people would start start wearing color?

The Kitsch:

#4: Going West: Hip, stylish and hot girls ... but where's the talent, Kanye

"When the curtain was raised and the girls did their little turn on the catwalk, it appeared that the problem for Kanye establishing himself as a bonafide fashion designer was an apparent lack of design talent."
I'm in shock... (laughing and laughing and laughing)

The Couture:

#5 'Project Runway' alum among black designers on the rise

"Bigger, badder, better. Hell yes."
#6 Pilati speculation overshadows YSL show
"The hope, apparently, is that by prioritizing the actual clothes over the people who design them, they'll be able to jump-start the stalled brand."
Everything Else:

#7 Forever 21 sued for ripping off indie and eco-designers


Fashion Blog I'm Reading Today:

PW Style - Oh, the weather outside is frightful…

It appears that I'm not the only one who saw "Alice in Wonderland"...


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