Friday, September 9, 2011

Sweet washboard gunk scrubbing sans music

Recently, I had an epiphany.  As I had two sides of a garment in my hands, vigorously rubbing them together to remove a stain, I suddenly realized the brilliance of the washboard.

Yes, the washboard... that oddly decorative antique item that people have hanging on their country kitchen walls as decorations.  Defunct since the invention of the modern washing machine, unless of course it's strapped to your chest while you get down to some bluegrass.

I decided it was time to breath life back into one of these instruments, and I cruised the antique stores for the coolest one I could find.  And then there it was, like a beacon of light, a large and beautiful wood and glass washboard with a metal "soap saver" dish at the top for $20. Mine.

I placed it next to my washing machine where it has been waiting for its day to come.  That day was today.  The victim was a shirt with mysterious green gunk (like a glue or gum of some sort) on the bottom of it.  I did not investigate the origin of the green gunk further, as I wish it to remain a mystery for my own sake.

I realized it would take a good scrubbing to remove this gunk from the shirt.  I placed the washboard in my uber-clean utility sink (as can be seen from the accompanying photo).  It took a second before I could actually turn the water on it though... it did come from an antique store :(


Green Gunk

So I grabbed some soap and started scrubbing.  And voila! The gunk is gone! There is still a slight stain from where it was, but fortunately it is on the inside of the shirt, so it won't be an issue.

Green Gunk... Gone!

I love having a washboard.  It is the best addition to my laundry room in a long time.  Not to mention the fact that it's pretty and makes super fantastic music if I get bored.

Incidentally, I was happy to discover that the washboard is still alive and being manufactured today.  Here are two sites (both here in Ohio) who still sell washboards:

Columbus Washboard Company

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