Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sometimes sewing requires a saw (flex your big guns here)

Oh yeah.... so I finally got all of the sewing done for Bella the Greyhound's personal brand spanking new doggie bed done.

This bed is made from heavy duty duck fabric.  This is an excellent durable fabric for use in projects such as these that are going to take a lot of wear and tear.  Stephanie (Bella's human mother) picked navy as one of her choices in color, which is what I used, and the bottom contrast piece is a natural off-white color.

To start out, I did some pattern modifications and re-drafting.  What was nice about a few of the pieces (the seat and the base) being square or rectangular in shape is that for a couple of pieces I was able to just lay them out with an L-Square and just add the extra dimensions and from there just draw the difference directly onto the fabric.

Other pieces were not so simple though.

 Did some pinning with my flat head flower head pins (omg I love love love these things!!!)

Then I started sewing this bad boy...

Here is the finished bed on the bottom with the contrasting neutral duck fabric being shown.

And, voilà!  The completed dog bed from above.  It's just begging to be stuffed.

And that's where Mr. Roll-o-Foam comes in.  Tell you a little secret.  The first time I went to the fabric store to buy foam it was going to cost me over $120 for what I needed.  Bella's foam here? Under $40.  Ebay with free shipping!

Extremely WELL packed foam I might add... dear lord.

And now it was time to whip out the big guns!!! Seamstresses everywhere flex!

 Hahahaha! Take that!


Next the foam was lovingly wrapped in crib batting...

 ...trimmed and glued in place.

 And then stuffed!!!  Isn't it pretty???!!!

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