Friday, September 23, 2011

My Two Dogs are Rude "Knit Wits" (Insert Growling)

A few weeks ago, I decided it was time that I learn how to knit.  But my friend Jen had asked me recently if I knit or crochet; and though I know how to crochet, I had always wanted to learn to knit... something that I always associated with old ladies.  So I thought it was time to expand my skills, so there I was at a yarn shop in Camden, Maine, buying books, knitting needles, and alpaca wool yarn for the 20 hour ride home.

Trent & I had decided that eventually we want to live on a farm one day, but we haven't been sure what kind.  After visiting the Maine Blueberry Festival this August, and seeing all the cute furry Alpacas, we decided Alpaca farming would be the way to go.  So it would have to follow that I should learn to knit (and later spin & dye :) anyway.

Originally, I had got it into my head to make a scarf.  Always an easy good way to learn anything.  A scarf.  It's how I learned to crochet, since it's only a rectangle.  I worked on it on the way home, and screwed it up royally.

I was going to start over by the time I got home, but later I changed my mind.  It's getting colder here in the 'Nati, and my little Twister puppy needs new winter clothes for his second winter (he just turned 1 a couple of weeks ago!).  So in deciding to challenge myself I found the cutest dog speater that said it was at an easier level that I knew my little Boo-Bear would look adorable in:

This pattern is available, FREE, from Lion Brand Yarn

This is one of the darned cutest dog sweaters ever, and I got really excited.  And this is mostly garter stitch and without all that rude backwards purling that aggrivates me so.  Well, everynight before bed... I knitted, and I knitted, and I knitted until I finally had a decent chunk of the middle done.  And I took this photo to share with the world:

This was great I thought!  Maybe I can make this an ongoing blog thing and people can learn to knit with me.  We can all knit together!  I didn't even screw up that bad!

Notice Twister's little foot in the corner?  I showed him, "look what mommy's making for you!" There was lots of love, and hugging, and nuzzling.  I love him, so much in fact, that my husband quite often rolls his eyes and asks me to "please stop making out with the dog."

Awwwww... aren't they sweet? *sigh*:

Timber (left) & Twister (right)

Do not for one darned tootin' moment let yourself be fooled! They are tricksters. They are rowdy and rebellious teenagers!!!

I got home from work last night, got some stuff done.  Then later went to finally sit down on the couch in front of the tv to get some work done.  As I go to sit down, Trent the Husband goes, "uhhhh, wait.  You need to see something."

Oh no.

"Just look under the towel"

Okay, now I'm freaked out..., "what is it?"

"You're going to be upset.  Just look under the towel"

Prefacing it that way makes it sooooo-ho-ho much better.  And this is what I found:

Oh... yes. they. did.

So my husband says to me kindly and quietly, "I'm sure we can rewind it.  I will help you."

Which is really really really sweet. 

But how the hell are we supposed to wind that rats nest back up into a normal ball?  It's a big friggin knot! I put in all this work, and this, THIS, is how I am repayed for all that I do for them?!

So.  I have been thinking about this.  Now I basically have a knitted rectangle and a ginormous pom-pom.  I am thinking to just sew the pom-pom onto the knitting and strap it to his head.  He can be Twister the Muppet-Head.  Keep his ears warm through the cold winter.  Serves him right.  Paybacks are hell little boy.



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  1. Your knits are perfect. Have you tried creating one for your Newfoundland? I bet the dog will like it if you also make a couture for him.


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