Friday, September 30, 2011

Learn How to Tie a Bow Tie with My Hunky Hubby

(super instructional video towards the end)

Trenton wears la bow tie...
A few weeks ago, I had a conversation with my husband that went something like this...

"You should wear a bow tie" (moi)
"I would wear a bow tie" (husband)
"You would?!?" (what the moi)
"Yeah, bow ties are cool" (awesome husband)

Vintage Wembley  Bow Tie ca 1950s
So, all excited I located my big ol' box of vintage bow ties, which I have been collecting over the years.  And by bow ties, I don't mean clip-on, or the kind that wrap around and hook, I mean real tie-em-yourself bow-ties

Don't get me wrong, I do have some clip and hook around the neck style bow ties, but I have an OCD issue where every time I see a bow tie in a thrift store I HAVE to buy them, especially the tie-yourself ones... so I have quite a collection.  This collection is mostly skinny bow ties from the 40s and 50s, but I do have a few large and floppy bow ties as well of the 70s-ish vintage.

Bond... James Bond
The actual tying of the bow tie seems to have become a lost art.  Ask a man to tie a necktie and they can do it easily, as most learned from their fathers who showed them how.  Ask these same people to tie a bow tie and they stare at you like you've asked them to shove a coconut up their nose.  Incidentally, the last show that I costumed for the theatre, which took place at the turn of the 19th century, I made the actorslearn to tie real bow ties and wear them onstage.  The dressing room bow-tie insanity was interesting to watch.  Seriously, the men had an easier and less stressful time applying their makeup. (But now they all know how to do it and don't let them tell you otherwise Cincy-area costumers!)

Okay, and back from that tangent... my husband asked me how to tie a bow tie.  I got out my printed charts that show how to tie one.  He attempted, and it was easy enough up to the point that you are told to "pinch" the bow, after which it became a bow-tying-nightmare.

In a nice bow tie picture... together :) Awww
So, I search the internet looking for an easier "video" alternative.  There are numerous videos that demonstrate how to tie a bow tie.  So we tried one.  Then we tried another.  And another. Then... jackpot.  I discovered what I have decided (with my vast bow tie expertise) is the best bow tie teacher on the internet.  I base this on the fact that he was the one that was able to teach a newbie how to successfully tie a bow tie with the least amount of discomfort and frustration and insanity.  

Now, I don't claim that this is the quick and easy method. No, actually this is the long and boring 10 minute educational demonstration way.  Most of the other videos were about two minutes in length and you end up completely lost 20 seconds in.  This video is the one that you need... a long and boring, yet fatherly (the way you learned to tie a necktie), thorough, educational and not trying to sell you something way... with a British accent and a pinky ring to boot.  This guy is a great teacher, you will be tying a bow tie and still (mostly) remember how the next day.  Just like my hubby who had zero bow-tying experience who is now a master bow-tier thanks to this dude. :)

So, Trent practiced and practiced with results which made him look mysterious, though, eh, perhaps less James Bond mysterious and slightly more Doctor Who mysterious...

So anyway, he comes home from work on his first bow tie day and tells me that some people laughed at him and poked fun of him.  I tell him they don't know what they are talking about because (as I'm sure you can see from the pictures that I tried so hard to get above and below as I begged him over and over for one good one) he looks hot.

I married him
So the next morning, he is getting ready for work and walks into the bedroom and grabs a different bow tie.  I had a conversation with him that went something like this...

What are you doing? (moi)
Getting a bow tie. (husband)
But I thought you got made fun of at work?!? (what the moi)
I did, that's why I am definitely wearing one again today! (super double awesome rock my world with a cherry on top sexy bow tie wearing husband!!!!)

My husband...
...the model.
For your extensive bow tie education, please find here a list of notable bow tie wearers.

Additionally, I discovered that the British gentleman also has a second video in his bow tie series which discusses the bow tie itself, in long 15 minute depth, if you are so inclined... (and hey, you get accidentally flipped off in the beginning, couldn't be more worth it!)



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  1. This is great! You two should make your OWN video now! I'm going to buy Charles a bow tie!

  2. Oh you should! Charles would look wonderful in a bow tie! We'll get working on the video... :)


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