Thursday, September 1, 2011

Completed 1940s Apron

In one of my previous posts I had mentioned that I was using my leftover seersucker fabric to construct an apron from a vintage 1940s pattern.(

I actually finished making the apron a couple of months ago, but then got caught up in several other projects and am finally posting the completed results.  The pattern which I used was a wonderful old Advance Pattern.  It consisted only of three pattern pieces, the apron, the pocket piece, and the waist tie.  HOWEVER, it took me much longer to make because the instructions were so difficult to make sense of.

I think, actually I am quite certain (lol), that the instructions were written with the 1940s home sewer in mind, therefore half of the tidbits that were left out were like a "duh" in the 1940s and not meant for modern stupids like me (McDonald's coffee is hot!).

I actually let the half sewn apron sit as I simmered for 3 days trying to figure out what I was supposed to do with the 2 inch long "slashes" that the pattern piece had me cut into the edges of the fabric but the instructions failed to mention, as well as where an extra 3 inches of fabric was supposed to do that was now located on the top of the apron pockets.

Finally, I did figure out what the slashes were for (sew on the pocket, turn right side out, fold over and finish off the edges... so that was the duh!).

And the extra 3 inches of fabric at the top of the pocket piece?  Well, I figured that out as well.  That was to be used in whatever fashion Aimée decided... fold over, tuck, hide, press and finish.

The finished project, as modeled by me, now wrinkled and slightly dirty as I wore it canning salsa and pickles with my mom and sister in Camden, Maine this past weekend (as a Hurricane Irene Sunday project)...

Perhaps it would have looked better in a photograph with a nice contrast other than a white skirt and black flip-flops.  But hey, my nails looked nice!

I absolutely ADORE this apron! The four big roomy pockets have come in so very handy both for cooking in kitchen and for sewing projects. My sister (a chef) has already asked me to make one for her!


  1. Very nice apron! Good job working through the pattern. I think you had commented on my vintage apron pattern, mentioning the difficulty you had with this pattern. I'll admit, while the instructions in my pattern didn't baby you, they were perfectly clear! And very simple (no 2 inch slashes anywhere). :D

  2. Thanks Heather! This apron has come in pretty handy since it has four large roomy pockets, which is what I was looking since I wanted to use the pockets to keep my scissors, tape measure, pins, seam ripper, and etc on my body during sewing projects. But, the next apron that I make I am going to do one that is pinafore style like the one that you made (btw - I absolutely LOVE the fabric that you used on yours). I have found on this waist apron that if you put to much into these pockets you really start getting weighted down (like you are wearing saddlebags), and I am thinking that a full apron might alleviate too much weight from pulling at the waist. Perhaps I can find one with better instructions this time! :)

  3. I love wearing aprons around the house, especially if my clothes don't have pockets.


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