Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Closet Project: September 19th & a Thrift Store Score!!!

I had recently been looking through a book (though which one it was now I cannot remember) which recommended challenging yourself to wear a different outfit each day for one month without buying any new clothing (excepting thrifted threads).

I decided to attempt it but have been shy to post the photos, as my camera phone photography of myself in a mirror is majorly lacking in skill.  I make myself look like a dork.

I would have asked my husband to take the photo for me, excepting the following:

1.  He will laugh at me and call me a total dork then tell me to stop wasting my time on this blog and start doing things that actually make money, such as my day job. Which is okay because we have total dork love.

2.  I want him to become an amazing photographer so that there is always someone following me around and  taking awesome photos of me, but last time I asked him to take a photo for me (see my Blog Regarding Bella's Dog Bed) after about 2 photos he asked to be done, pouted, and I had to keep telling him how awesome he was so that I could squeeze a few more shots out of him (I think there may have been a football game on upstairs.  He obviously needs to get his priorities straight).

3. He leaves for work before I do.  Let me rephrase that.  He leaves for work before I even get out of bed.  And if I must rephrase again... he leaves for work before I even wake up.  He's a morning person.  I'm a night owl. (See Item Number 1)

4. A picture in the A.M. is when my hair is newly done and the clothes are clean.  Yesterday's outfit looked real nice in the morning when I photographed it.  Had I asked him to photograph it for me after we got home from work my outfit would have also included some new accessories, i.e. some mexican dinner and dirt and stains from a goat farm that I ended up on (my job rocks sometimes!)

Anyway..., over the past three days that I have taken the photos, I have noticed one thing.  Having to take a photo of yourself with the intention of posting them for the public certainly makes you pay a lot more attention to your appearance.  I NEVER wear heels.  I have fat flat feet.  I work in an industrial building.  The stairs to out building are made out of a 2"x4" grid - not exactly made for heels.  I have worn them now two out of three days (excepting yesterday - goat farm).

Case in point.  I went to the basement this morning to turn on the light for the chickens (yes, the chickens in my basement farm) and for probably six months now there was a framed photo hanging on one of the ceiling beams.  Always forget it's there.  Today I hit my head on it.  Then I knocked my head on it again, bringing it to the ground and shattering glass all over the place.  I suddenly realized it was because I was suddenly a good 4 inches taller.

But I realized I love wearing heels because they make my jeans look so good (and when your jeans look good, your posterior looks good, duh).  And when one looks good one feels good.  But you wouldn't know it to see the photos because they look like crap.  :)

So what did I wear on Monday, September 19th? Prepare to be amazed:


White Shirt - Anthropologie
Navy Blue Frilly Sweater - Thrifted
Black Boots - No Clue
Necklace - Thrifted
Jeans - THRIFTED Rock & Republic

Ohhhh yes, you heard that right.  There I was at the thrift store, just strolling along and on the end of the jeans rack like a great beacon of light beckoning me I saw:

Awesome Cell Phone Designer Jean Photography
Well, this is what I saw except without my fabulous derrier in them yet!  Perfect mint condition! In my friggin size! Who...? Wha...? Why would one...? Mine!!!!

I have bought several pair of Rock & Republic Jeans at retail price before, so I knew what I was looking at and couldn't believe my eyes.  Let's calculate the savings here...

Rock & Republic Jeans  = approx. $200 to $300
Thrifted Rock & Republic Jeans = $4.99
Difference = Holy Crap!

And that is what I would call a "Thrift Store Score!" 


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