Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bella's new dog bed & convincing my dog to ACT like a model for one darned second

I'm currently working on a large doggie bed for my friend Stephanie's Greyhound, "Bella".  I am working with a purchased pattern, but with a few modifications.

Bella sleeps in an area, that she has chosen, which is approximately 23" x 36", so what I am doing is modifying version A (the top photo).  Version A has large dimensions of 22" deep by 42" wide.  I am scaling down the width to fit 36".  Additionally, I am making the pattern without the back on it, so that she will have a lovely Chaise Lounge style dog bed.  This requires modifying virtually every pattern piece.  I love challenges like these.

Previously, I made version B (bottom right picture) for my little Daug (Dachshund/Pug mix) "Twister".  I thought it would be nice to get a photo of him lying on it with a happy smile.  A nice one, like the dogs who are modelling on the front of the package.

So, okay.  Seriously,  they must drug these dogs or something.  They seem so content and happy to be lying on their luxurious pet beds.  My Twister? Notsomuch. I put him down, he ran, put him down, he jumped, put him down, he crawled, put him down, he licked himself, and etc.  I finally got a fairly good one, after about 20 tries.

Isn't he precious? :) Unfortunately, I couldn't get it from ground level like I had wanted. Whenever I tried to crouch down for a shot, he came crawling to me.  Notice how the ears are back and he's looking up with those puppy eyes?  He is acting like he thinks I'm going to beat the heck out of him or something.  I felt way to bad to take anymore after this one and had to give him hugs and kisses.  I was just grinning from ear to ear because  I managed to get one.  I could make a Christmas card!

Here's a previous shot...

Yes, that is my finger pointing firmly from the foreground! LOL!


  1. Bella will GLADLY pose in her new bed!! She is VERY photogenic. (And I'm so sorry, I didn't realize Bella's modifications would be so challenging ):

  2. I am loving doing the modifications. They are certainly less challenging on a dog bed than they would be on a garment. I am a believer in learning by doing, and they ended up being a lot easier than I had expected! :)


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