Saturday, September 24, 2011

Aimée's Collection: Vogue One Piece Dress Pattern with Full Skirt 1950s

Vogue Pattern Number 8731, Copyright 1956

Pattern Description:

12 Pattern Pieces

"All around gathered skirt joins the blouse at waistline.  Pockets in side seams.  Blouse buttons below the collar which is joined to a neckband.  Straight back yoke.  Long sleeves joined to link-buttoned Frenchcuffs and short sleeves with link buttoned cuffs.  Novelty belt."

Fabric suggestions include cotton broadcloth, chambray, gingham, pique, linen, percale, cotton tweed, thin flannel, worsted wool jersey, wool crepe, faille crepe, surah, shantung, and crepe.

My Comments:

So cute... I love dresses with full skirts! Full skirts and crinolines are one of my very favorite of the 40s and 50s fashions.  They are so elegant and feminine.  But I have to say, in general I prefer dresses with short sleeves.  If it's cold add a sweater, but you can always remove the sweater if it gets too warm.  BUT, in this case, I think I would definitely make the long sleeve version because of the French cuffs.  French cuffs are so very classy, in my opinion.  I have a cufflink collection of my own for this very reason.  I love to wear cufflinks!  More cufflinks should be worn!!!

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