Sunday, September 25, 2011

Aimée's Collection: Vintage Advance Jumper & Blouse Pattern Early 1950s

Advance Pattern Number 5683, Circa 1951

13 Pattern Pieces

There isn't an actual pattern description but the back says that the pattern includes, a long-sleeve blouse, a short-sleeve blouse, street-length jumper (self belt), and a long-length jumper (ribbon tie belt)

Fabric suggestions include:
Blouse - cotton broadcloth, silk or rayon crepe, organdie, chambray
Jumper - Velveteen, taffeta, satin, faille, gingham, light woolens

My Comments:

This pattern is pretty straightforward.  Of the three version of how this dress can be worn, I love the more formal version in the "long-length."  Though I love how the other versions are referred to as "street length"!

And seriously, I cannot help but to wonder what the heck is going on with the lady in yellow.  She seems to be looking at a card, wearing a corsage, and picking her nose...

I have been recently scanning the patterns in rather than photographing them with my phone.  It's not as easy to get them transferred to my computer and uploaded, but I find the quality to be much better.

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