Friday, September 23, 2011

Aimée's Collection: Advance Nautical Sailor 1940s Vintage Sewing Pattern

Advance Pattern Number 2645, Circa 1941
15 Pattern Pieces

There is no pattern description on the envelope of this pattern.  Here is what information there is:

View 1, Short-sleeve Dress with Button Closing
There are pockets at the hips and chest.  Also, the pattern does include the belt.

View 2, Long-sleeve Dress with Zipper Closing
I believe that this version of the dress has pockets as well.  That... or she lost her hand in a hunting accident, but I do see the breast pockets. The belt shown on this version has to be purchased.

Suggested materials include pique, gabardine, sharkskin, novelty cotton, serge, and sheer wool.

Comments:  I am soooooo making Version 1 of this dress sometime.  Not even kidding, I want a vintage nautical sailor girl dress!!!!

I am thinking to make it in either blue, pink or yellow though... hmmm... I'm open for suggestions on that one.

Shabby Apple (love their clothes!) actually has a dress which is very similar to this pattern, as part of their "Set Sail" Collection:


I have to say, I love the cut of the skirt, and I also can't stop staring at those shoes...


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