Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Large vintage anchor necklace.. Bling bling

A necklace I purchased at the antique store. The second I saw it, I knew it had to be mine... I love the way it looks...Whereas my husband keeps asking me if I'm on the way to the studio to work on my rap album. Hmph. 

New vintage ring

I just purchased this lovely vintage cameo ring at an antique store in Searsport, Maine! $5! My new favorite piece of jewelry at the moment!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Final day on the set of the movie "Measure" & an Interview with Director DJay Brawner

Tonight I am sitting here as we film the final scenes of the movie "Measure".  The ending is bittersweet for me.  Though I look forward to having time for relaxation and recovery after all the hours that I have put into this project, it saddens me to see it come to an end.  The friendships that I have made on this project have been amazing.  After spending two and a half weeks with each other everyday, I know there will be an empty space left as everyone goes their separate ways tomorrow, back to their respective cities/states, to continue on to other ventures, adventures and projects.  It is wonderful spending your time doing something you love and meeting and talking with people who have mutual interests.

After this ends I look forward to getting to work on some more of my personal sewing projects which I had to put on hold and more wonderful projects like this one in the future.

I have been meaning to post this interview for a week now, and it seems there couldn't be a more appropriate time.  This interview is with the director of the picture, DJay Brawner, an incredibly talented filmmaker with an amazing gift.  He has a dedication and a drive of which I haven't seen an equal, and he's a fabulous person to boot.  Also, it's worth checking out his website, he has done a multitude of music videos and commercials and keeps a blog himself.  It can be found at http://djaybrawner.com

Here's the interview which he conducted with the local news just prior to the beginning of shooting:

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A portable dressing room!

This may be one of the neatest things I have come across.  A portable dressing room!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Another day on set

I have a light wardrobe day today and I'm hanging on set.  It seemed like an opportune time to update my blog.  I finished my apron which I made with leftover seersucker using an authentic 1940s pattern, and with it's many pockets, it has come in quite handy while working on the film. I am planning on taking a photo of it to post on my blog, but since wearing it non-stop the last few weeks, it needs to be washed first.

There have been many adventures and obstacles to overcome on the set, as is to be expected, for one cannot plan for the unexpected.  The biggest obstacle for me occurred last week when an actor put on a shirt which was supposed to be a v-neck and it turned out was a crew-neck style shirt instead.  After facing the dilemma, I made the decision to wing it and make a "quick fix".  I began by ripping the front middle seam of the shirt open, then faced a momentary fear.  I knew once that I cut the fabric of the neck, there was no turning back, so I took a breath, cut the fabric and prayed that we wouldn't now be completely shirtless. We were getting ready to start filming again and the pressure was mounting.  In under 5 minutes I successfully altered the shirt into a v-neck.  This has to be one of my proudest sewing moments.

When I have downtime I have been reading, How to Make Sewing Patterns... very good read so far.  Looking forward to utilizing some tips from this book as soon as the movie wraps.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

interview with two of the incredible actors from the movie "measure"

I am sitting on set right now, next to wardrobe, while they film one of the scenes from the film "Measure"  We have a little over a week left of filming, and I have to say everything has been going great.  I will be sad when it ends.

Another interview was conducted yesterday by the local news here in Cincinnati with two extremely talented actors from the film, Julie Marie Hassett and Vince Jolivette.  Both of them are extremely kind, warm-hearted individuals with incredible drive and undeniable talent.  I feel blessed to have gotten to know them.

Here it is!!!

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