Monday, July 4, 2011

the next project... and the leftover fabric

I had been thinking about making a smock for a while to wear while working on these projects, but I found a lovely 1950s pattern that I have for a waist apron which has four pockets on it.  It's a pretty simple pattern with only three pattern pieces and I don't expect it to take long at all to make (may have just jinxed myself saying that).

The reason that I decided to make this piece next is so that I have a place to store my scissors, tape measure, pin cushion, marking pens, and etc when I am sewing.  I tend to put things down, need them again five minutes later and then realize I left it on the other side of the room, wasting a lot of time getting up and crossing the room way too often.  I think this is the perfect solution and a great excuse to use another vintage sewing pattern!

This also seemed like it would be a great way to use some leftover fabric (this pattern takes 1 yard to make), which I seem to have tons of, as I tend to always buy just a little extra for my projects to give myself a little leeway for possible mistakes.  Originally I thought it would be neat to make version three with the tull netting and the contrast ribbon and fabric, as I happen to have an entire bolt of it that I have never used.  But I laid a little of it on my lap, as I sat there in shorts and realized I would hate having that itchy stuff lying on my lap all the time when I am sewing.  Not to mention the fact that I thought that one time with scissors in my pocket and my pockets would be no more! lol!  Beautiful, but not quite practical for my needs.

Finally, I decided this use some leftover striped seersucker from my two-piece 1940s dress which I made and blogged about last week.  I absolutely adore this fabric and it's lightweight makes it perfect.  I'm going to use some off-white fabric for contrast (which I found a large roll of at the thrift store for $1).  I can't wait to get this one going!

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