Thursday, June 30, 2011

the dress i made... part 2

So, continuing from my previous post, after an entire weekend of sewing, I finally finished the dress!

1940s 2-Piece Dress
I absolutely adore this dress! Unfortunately it's a little big for me, but oh well :)  I did learn a few more things from the experience.

When using a vintage pattern ALWAYS CHECK THE PIECES BEFORE YOU START.  I thought this pattern had all of the pieces when I purchased all of my fabric.  It states that there are 13 pattern pieces, and there WERE 13 pattern pieces, but one of them turned out to not belong to this pattern.  I was missing the puffed sleeve.  Luckily I had another Advance Pattern in my collection from the same era which did have a puffed sleeve, and seems to have been apparently identical (phew).

I also was amazed by how well taken care of this pattern was and how great of condition it was in (till my dog tore a couple of pattern corners off by running across my floor  *sigh*).  It makes me think of how people really took care of things back then.

This was a super fun project, I can't wait for the next!

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