Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rooster Bit Me. My Sister Has Too Many Kids. Men's Cabana Set & Cashmere Overcoat for Sale.

Today has been a day.  My phone started ringing at 8:30 this morning.  As it turned out, my 6 year old nephew broke his tooth and had to go to the dentist to get the rest of it pulled out.  I ended up skipping work for a while and sitting over at my sisters with her remaining children:  a 4 year old, a 2 year old, and a 2 month old.

Actually, I ended up having a lot of fun.  The baby slept the entire time, the 4 year old loves to hang with me, and the girl... the 2 year old actually acknowledged my existence for the very first time EVER.  Usually when I watch her, she cries the entire time.  If I talk to her she hides behind the chair.  If I pick her up she cries more.  Somehow today, holy cow, she was under the couch avoiding me... then suddenly out of nowhere stood up, and pointed at the picture she drew and showed it to me!!!  This was followed by an hour of smiles, playing, laughter... and I was even given my first kiss goodbye!


I got to work, realized that I had left my work bag at my sisters, had to head back then found out that Drake (the one with the broken tooth) bit the heck out of his lip because of the Novocaine and was bleeding all over the face.  Poor kid looks like he lost a fight now.

Instead of going all the way back to the office again, I decided to come home to work.  It looks like I will be working the rest of the night.

Oh, and did I mention that I got BIT by Mr. Bubbles on the back of my hand because he was being a mean brat? That was really the icing on my day.  Grrr.

I have some more fun vintage items for sale!

Vintage 1950s Kitsch ATOMIC Rockabilly Men's Cabana Swim Set - Swim Trunks & Linen Top in Excellent Condition

This is an authentic man's cabana swim set from the 1950s. It features a short sleeve shirt with a fabulous atomic print in blues, greens and black. The shirt appears to be made of high quality linen. Closure is by five plastic buttons up the front of the shirt, and a sixth button at the neck which buttons closed with a loop. The shirt has three patch pockets on the front, two at each front bottom side, and one breast pocket. 

Rare Vintage 1950s Mens Heavy Overcoat High Quality Coat by Hart Schaffner Marx 100% Cashmere Silver Trumpeter XXL in Navy Blue

Vintage 1950s-1960s Overcoat Hart Schaffner Marx Cashmere Silver Trumpeter 52 XXL Navy

Soft, Luxurious, High Quality

Olive green velvet lined pockets, black satin lining, back vent.

Well, it's back to work for me now!

Check out my ETSY store!
Check out my EBAY store!
And as always, my website! Vintage Kitsch Couture

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Etsy Love! Vintage Dresses, Bellbottoms, Robe & Fur. Me and My Pretty Chicken!

So I have officially had a store on Etsy for 11 days now.  I could never figure out the hype with Etsy, though my best friend has been selling her hair accessories on there for years now.  But I finally figured it it:


Seriously, I feel like I'm back in art school again.  I get to network with other artists and see what they have been creating.  It's like Facebook... but funner... and it pays! :)

And it's so simple to use. Why wasn't I on Etsy sooner?!   The only thing I shake my fist at Etsy for is that I got really excited to see that an app for Etsy came out for the iphone only to discover that it apparently doesn't work on crotchety old iPhones like my ancient 3G to which it just tells me it is "incompatible." Poo.

I am still continuing to sell some on Ebay as auction-style listings have many benefits, and it also allows my items to be seen by a wider audience, but sadly Ebay has been hiking up its fees like crazy lately.  And Etsy has way more of a cozy community vibe than Ebay could ever have.

Also, my remodeled website is nearing completion.  I saw a working draft of it yesterday and all I can say is it is AWESOME.  I'm so very excited! :)

Below I am going to show some nice new listings I have on Etsy & Ebay... but FIRST, I want to show off the awesome pic that my hubby took of me and my chicken, "Daphne" (taken on his newly born iPhone 4-whatever sparkling showoff phone.  If only my husband would start drinking, I really think I could convince him to trade phones with me.)

She's so pretty.  She's a rare Ohio Buckeye Chicken.  Once we get the farm I'm going to get more Buckeyes!  I seriously think she could qualify as a show chicken.  Her coloring is STUNNING.

I don't think I have sported the turtleneck-sweatshirt look since about 1992 but this was taken right before we were leaving for Thanksgiving dinner and I wanted to cover up my cream colored sweater so as to not to take a chance of showing up at the in-laws covered in chicken shit.

As I mentioned above, I wanted to post a little about my newly listed items for sale.  Currently I have up for auction at Ebay:

VTG 40s 50s BRIGHT Floral Kimono Style Dressing Gown

This dressing gown features a lovely and bright botanical print in pink, yellow and green an empire waistline.  The gown is trimmed with yellow grosgrain ribbon around the waist and neckline.  Additionally, a smaller pink velvet ribbon wraps the waist.

At Etsy you will find:

This is a PHENOMENAL soft pink angora/mohair knit pant suit/jumpsuit in EXCELLENT CONDITION.  This two piece set features a bright pink sleeveless jumpsuit made of super soft and luxurious knit pink and white angora. 

This is a GORGEOUS bejeweled sparkling sunshine yellow floating chiffon 2-piece dress in technicolor!

This dress features a bright yellow chiffon dress with billowing sheer sleeves, and frilly chiffon skirt. The dress is lined in light yellow. 

Two small yellow strings at the waist support a 1.75" wide leather-backed belt which is covered in pink and yellow rhinestones pearls, beads, and gold thread.

A matching vest completes the look. The vest features a super kitsch pink, green and white vest with a floral pattern with gold threads. The trim edges of the vest are bejeweled to match the belt.

This is a GLAMOROUS real brown mink winter fur wrap scarf!

Authentic Vintage Mink Fur

High Quality, Real Mink From around the 1940s

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Selling another GORGEOUS A-Line Shift Dress from the 1960s!

While preparing the launch of my website, I have also set up an Etsy store! How much fun I am having!!!

I have been super busy and haven't updated my blog recently, so I'm getting back on it!

Here's a new item!

Vintage 1960s GLAM MOD Silk Formal Shift A-Line Dress/Gown in Robins Egg Blue with Bows

This is a charming 1960s shift or A-Line dress in Robin's egg blue in Vintage Size 10.

This dress is adorned with seven matching bows which go down the front center of the dress. The back of the dress features a pleated design to the upper back area. The dress is lined above the waist on the inside.

Closure for the dress is by a metal zipper and hook-and-eye up the back. The bow around the waist closes by metal snaps and hook-and-eyes underneath at the front. On the inside of the dress is a piece that wraps the bust area to hold up the dress with three hook-and-eye closures - the middle closure hook needs stitched back on at one end.

Sizing is approximately: Bust (on the inside closure) 30/31" Bust (on the outside seam to seam) 33/34", Waist 27, Back Length 35", Front Length 36"

As far as condition goes, I would say this is in good condition. 

This dress just returned from a trip to the dry cleaners! 

The ONLY imperfections I have found on this dress are two teeny pin-head sized rust stains on the back of one of the shoulder straps. Additionally, (and the reason I'm pretty sure this is silk) under each of the arms, at the armpit, the fabric has a small section of shredding (not uncommon for vintage silk) about 1" long. Additionally at the bottom back, at the left seam there is approximately a 6" long (up/down), about 1" thick section of shredding. Neither of these is really noticeable and wouldn't be so if the dress was being worn. I got the best picture that I could of the largest section.

The dress comes pressed from the dry cleaner, spotless and free of any lingering "vintage smell"! It smells fresh and clean, pressed, and ready to wear the moment it arrives! 

I cannot find a designer label, but I did locate a union label inside (see photos).

GORGEOUS! (note: This dress is modeled over a crinoline skirt. Not included)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Selling A Gorgeous 50s Party Dress on EBay & Getting a New Web Design Y'all

I am working on having the site redesigned to include a store.  In the meantime I have been selling some vintage clothing and vintage crafts (and a few designer finds) on EBay.  I had added a tab at the top of my blog to easily shop my ebay store.

I just sold a bunch of vintage crafts this week, but I have started listing more fun vintage items!  My ebay store can be found here:  Vintage Kitsch Couture

Among the items I'm selling this week, here are these two favorites of mine:

This is an absolutely GORGEOUS off-the shoulder vintage party dress from the 1950s in lemon yellow and coral sherbet color with ruching at the bodice.

Vintage Stunning 1950s Party Prom Cocktail Dress Lemon & Coral Chiffon Fred Perlberg

This dress has a layer of chiffon on top, a crinoline underskirt, and a yellow underlining.  The lemon yellow chiffon skirt if very full and flowing.
The "V"-neck bodice shows a gradient of four colors:  Lemon, Coral, Peach and Vanilla.  The back of the bodice shows a modestly plunging "v" as well.   Closure for the dress is by a metal zipper and hook-and-eye up the back.

Sizing is approximately:  Bust 34-35, Waist 26-27, Length 29

Follow the link to see the auction for more information.

The second favorite item of mine, which I am sadly parting with because my feet are too fat for them *sob*... They aren't vintage, but very retro style.  They have been sitting in my closet for about 5 years now.  Once in a while I take them out and look at them with love, maybe try them on again, take a couple of steps and then curse my hooves.  Yes 6.5 is a small foot, but 6.5 E is a WIDE foot.  Hmph. So, I've decided it's time for us to go our separate ways.  It's time for my beloved shoes to to to a nicer, thinner and cuter 6.5.

These are brand new, never worn, and in the box.  These are a size 6.5 and are not sold anymore.

Charles David Exchange "Prose" Open Toe Heel 6.5 White w/Green Bow 

The shoes are white canvas with green decorated with green grosgrain ribbon and rick rack with bows at the toe. 

Follow the link to see the auction for more information.  


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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Vintage Kitsch Couture Fashion News & Links: October 26, 2011

The Vintage:

Several Insanely Fabulous Vintage Collections Blew Up at Tzar Ultra Lounge for Cirque Du Cite

One of the off-kilter Fashion Focus shows this year; Cirque Du Cite, was all about the finest vintage in all of Chicagoland.
1960s fashion icon Margit Brandt dies at 66; instrumental in breakthrough for Danish design

The Kitsch:

Competition allows student designers to bring ideas to latex-clad life

The Sexual Health Helpers at UGA are hosting the second-annual Project Condom, a fashion show and educational event showcasing student fashion designs made from condoms. Casual wear, dresses and even wedding gowns will be featured.
Heeheeheehee... it's prettier than a chastity belt and water resistant.  Some of these dresses even glow in the dark ;)

I Love the '90s
Vintage clothing from fashion's least appreciated decade finally has its moment
NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the love of god no!!!! My husband will totally pull out all of his Nirvana grunge clothes without skipping a beat.

Ordifen Cup China Lingerie Design Contest 2011 Pictures

This is not a photo I normally would have shown in order to show off the highlights of a fashion show... but I couldn't pass up the look on the gentleman face to the right.  LOL.

The Couture:

New form of fashion; demi-couture
Now being referred to as demi-couture, these clothes still have big price tags – often into five figures – but now can be bought off the rack
Ready to Wear Gets Couture Edge, Price Tag to Match

This is another link that has to do with the link above.

Thumb rules for couture outfits
A model presents a creation by French designer Christian Lacroix as part of his Spring-Summer 2009 Haute Couture fashion collection in Paris. 1 Fashion classics: If you want to buy the right garment, focus on style oriented garments, ...
Growing success for plus size fashion magazine and its current actions
...offering men and women an online magazine that is different from what is usually seen in the mass media. accomplishes this by understanding that everyone deserves fashion no matter their size or height.
Karl Lagerfeld, who recently joked that he should rename himself Karl “Labelfeld” due to his proliferation of branded side projects, will launch a mass-market women’s fashion brand called Karl at Paris Couture Week in January.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Flouncy Bright Vintage Kimono-Style Dressing Gown

November 30, 2011:  Update - this dressing gown is currently up for auction! Here!

Another new vintage garment that I recently acquired. 

 This one is a flouncy vintage hand-crafted kimono-like dressing gown in vibrant botanical motif fabric with coordinating yellow ribbon styling at the waist.  The neckline is v-neck with pink velvet accent and two snap closure at the waist.


FASHIONPHILE - Vintage, Limited, Rare Luxury Bags

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Vintage Kitsch Couture Fashion News & Links: October 20, 2011

The Vintage:

TOWIE's Lydia Bright takes her love for vintage too far in garish dress for store launch... as she's upstaged by chic mother Debbie

But The Only Way Is Essex star Lydia Bright today took her love of all things vintage slightly too far as she turned up at her store launch wearing a garish printed dress.
DEAR LORD... Who are these people?  I assume a British movie star or someone with whom I am unfamiliar, but if you like to look at vintage that makes you absolutely cringe... this is the article for you. The article claims that while the girl on the right looks all wrong, the mother (left) looks chic.  I agree.  If she's dressed for Halloween... FAIL.

Levi's launches vintage clothing site
The famed jeans brand is playing up its heritage by dedicating a full website to Levi's Vintage Clothing.
Vintage Handbag Exhibit at Garden City Library Evokes Nostalgia

The collection on exhibit provides a snapshot of fashion trends from the roaring 20s through the 70s.
A vintage shoe steps up and then down
For two decades, Warrior stayed in the doldrums of public neglect, dying a slow death. Thensomething magical happened. Warrior (and its brother brand, Feiyue's) shoes started turningup in Europe - in upscale boutiques and glossy fashion magazines. A pair fetched upwards of50 euros ($69). Orlando Bloom and other cool dudes were spotted wearing them.
The Kitsch:

Kate Moss the opposite of glamour: Calvin Klein

"The reason for Kate [Moss] and this whole group of women I found that someone named 'waifs' was because before that, a lot of women were getting breast implants and doing things to their buttocks. It was getting out of control. I just found something so distasteful about all that," he explained.
Ah yes... presenting an image of women with large breasts and curvy bottoms is distasteful when it convinces young women to go get plastic surgery. What is not distasteful, however is presenting an image that promotes anorexia, bulimia, and drug use.

I did a little research on the above comment, "that someone named 'waifs'".  According to the first known use of the word "waif" is the 14th Century and the probable origin of the term is Scandinavia.  And in quite the paradox, the definition they give includes, "a stray person or animal expecially: a homeless child."

So, basically this "someone" to whom Klein is referring, was basically saying that his models looked like starving homeless children.  Now that's something to brag about.

Portrait motif for vintage and chic look
The latest fad that's taken over city folk is the portrait motif. Be it on clothes, jewellery or bags, this motif is favoured for its simple, vintage and chic look.
This is such a neat little article to read because it gives insight into what is considered "vintage inspired" in India.

The Couture:

Hot designer Alexander Wang makes sexy, attainable fashions for the texting generation
Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs may be the instantly recognizable names in American fashion today. But when it comes to the future establishment, Alexander Wang will surely be on the list
Style Icons Ralph Rucci, Donald Brooks Inducted into Fashion Walk of Fame
Couture king Ralph Rucci and the late Donald Brooks were officially inducted into the Fashion Walk of Fame  Wednesday, joining the likes of Oscar de la Renta, Ralph Lauren and Mainbocher as part of the tribute modeled on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Vera Wang Surprises With Black Wedding Gowns
These special occasion frocks, cleverly named Witchcraft, are the hottest news coming out of this week's New York Couture Bridal Fashion Week.
These special occasion frocks, cleverly named Witchcraft, are the hottest news coming out of this week's New York Couture Bridal Fashion Week.
I find this to be quite interesting. This made me remember something I read somewhere once about Sarah Jessica Parker saying she regretted her choice to wear a black wedding dress when she married Matthew Broderick...


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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gorgeous Vintage Ivory Gown/Dress with Bronze & Amber Accents and Sequins

Another "new" vintage gown which I have recently added to my collection (can you tell how excited I am?! :)

This is a formal tea length gown in ivory.  The dress features silk spaghetti straps with bronze colored sequin accents and an amber silk bow for the finishing touch.  The gown has a zipper back closure.

This one is absolutely stunning.

Guess I'm going to have a lot of dry cleaning this month!!

Links (places that sell vintage and/or vintage inspired clothes)

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