Sunday, August 20, 2017

Vintage 1910s Paper Doll Childrens Shoebox Theater - Printable Sir Lancelot King Arthur Cut Outs Kids Play Box

I love finding things like these in my old magazines - I opened my 1919 copy of The Delineator (published by Butterick Magazine), and found a really neat paper theatre toy for kids to put together with a shoebox.

This little piece has a full sheet of color graphics to cut out, and the second page contains the setup instructions and dialog for the play which is meant to go with it. This is meant to be put together by pasting the set pieces to a cut out shoebox and mounting the characters to long pieces of cardboard.

I have uploaded this item for sale on my etsy page... check it out for more detailed information!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Butterick Patterns Metropolitan Fashions Catalog of the 1800s - Victorian Clothing

I was reading more in depth in my 1888 Butterick Delineator Magazine and looking at ads, I found the following ad, for their "Metropolitan Fashions Catalogue"

Of course, now I really want this catalog.  I've searched and none to be found.  However, I was led to these reproduction books of the originals (different years), which tickled me:

This Image Links to the Actual Book at Amazon

This Image Links to the Actual Book at Amazon
If they are being reprinted, I have to believe they are pretty cool.  Gonna add these to my "want" list!

A Victorian Advertisement from the 1880s which Makes Me Happy I'm Not a Victorian Woman...

Sometimes you just need to blog... to blog... and overshare...

I came across this advertisement today from my copy of Butterick's "The Delineator" of August 1888:

This ad is from Canfield Goods, who apparently made things for ladies to go under their skirts... all kinds.

Item #1:  This seems pretty straight forward.  It is the Langtry Bustle.  It is only 60 cents (by mail mind you) and it folds when you sit or lie down.  I can see why the modern Victorian woman would want this. Nobody wants their skirts to fly up in the air when they sit.  Lying down... I guess that would depend on the woman.  But notice it comes in two colors... white or DRAB.  I will take white thank you.

Item #2:  The Canfield Dress Shield.  It's waterproof.  Okay, good.  It comes in pairs.  Why do I need a pair?  And what is it shielding?  It looks like a toilet seat cover... 

Item #3:  Sanitary Towels and cheaper than washing.  I will agree and I understand the need.  Note, they are easily destroyed by burning.  WOW.  

Item #4:  Belt Hose Supporter - "Prevents pain in hips and back."  Apparently, there was a need for this because whatever women were supporting their hose with before was causing some serious pain. Obviously, the pain couldn't be coming from wearing a bustle, dress, waterproof toilet seat shaped dress shield and sanitary towels which required burning for disposal...

Item #5:  Stockinet Diaper:  Fair enough.  You don't want your kid peeing on you when you are carrying him and wearing all the aforementioned items (and your electric corset - but they don't sell those).

Item #6:  Corset Hose Supporter:  It swings! Sweet!

Sold and manufactured by the Canfield Rubber Company. Wait, what?!!!!

Victorian Edwardian 1900s Shawl Wrap Crochet Pattern in Ice Wool and Silk

This is a beautiful 1903 Antique Crochet Shawl Pattern which I came across which was designed to be made with ice wool and silk.

Ice Wool Shawl Pattern

The edging on this wrap is so delicate and feminine. Per the pattern, "A PRETTY SHAWL -Lightweight wraps that can be readily slipped about the shoulders are always in demand. This very pretty one is simple and easily made and provides just the warmth required on a cool evening or when one is suffering from a slight indisposition."  The instructions indicate that this is not difficult to make.

Materials needed:

The material is white ice wool for the center.  For the border use one strand of the white ice wool and one of colored silk.  The needle should be large in order that the stitches may be loose.

I have just uploaded a copy of the pattern for purchase in my Etsy Store - follow this link!  I am working on adding new items each day, so check back for more!!!

Monday, July 31, 2017

How to Use a Victorian Edwardian McCalls Sewing Pattern - Original Instructions

I have done a lot of sewing using vintage sewing patterns - usually these are 40s and 50s patterns. Though I own a number of original sewing patterns from the 1920s and 1930s, I don't have the heart to open them up and use them.  However, these early patterns, just like those from the 1940s and 1950s, were not printed on the tissue like they are today with markings which show seam allowances, where to match pattern pieces, notches and etc.  Generally, the older pattern pieces consist of precut tissue pieces with a series of hole punches... that's it.

1903 McCall's Tissue Pattern Pieces

The person who purchase the pattern to construct it was assumed to have some general sewing knowledge, as people constructed their own garments more regularly back then.  They didn't always have the big department stores always available to them like we do today.  Even in the 1940s and 1950s, not everyone sewed.  My grandmother had a collection of patterns of her own, each was made for her by the seamstress she hired down the street from her.  These patterns were used to complete the garments which were used for outfits worn for her honeymoon after she married my grandfather.  One of these outfits is hanging in my closet upstairs and consisted of a two-piece suite with a matching cape.

1903 McCall's Pattern Advertisement

I was costuming a show for a local community theatre about 15 years ago, and found a 1940s pattern in my collection which was perfect for one of the actors characters.  However, at the time I didn't know how to use the pattern whatsoever.  Lucky for me, an elderly woman (who has sadly passed away since) was assisting me and knew from her past experience how to use them and taught me.

1903 McCall's Measurement Illustration
Today I was listing items to sell in my Etsy shop and came across a one page article in a 1903 McCall's Magazine which illustrates how to fit and use a McCall's pattern.  This is an invaluable resource to someone who would like to use one of their vintage/antique patterns from their collection.

I have listed this page for sale in my Etsy Shop Here as an Instant Digital Download for anyone who may need the reference.  Please visit my shop if you want more information on the listing.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Roaring 1920s Crochet Chair Back Cover Pattern

I have a love of doilies and chair back covers.  My mother-in-law has given me a bunch of vintage doilies and chair back covers over the years, and I always trade them out to display them.  I use doilies quite often under my potted plants in the house and I put the chair back covers on the chairs which nobody really sits in (I have toddlers so the more used chairs are out of the question till they are older).  I will note that I recently noticed that one of my doilies which was located on a side table has somehow migrated to the Barbie Dream House and become Barbie's bathroom rug (and I'm too in love with my daughter to take it back, go fig ;).

So I came across this gem of a crochet chair back cover, which I have posted in my Etsy store.  It is a chair back cover which says "Take a *insert picture of chair/seat here*"

Take a Seat Y'all

Not only is this an awesome chair back cover design, I think it would be amazing as a framed wall hanging in a waiting room or family room entry.  If you want more details, click here to visit my store!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Roaring 20s Crochet Pattern of Doll's Bedspread Complete Bed Set Sheets Pillowcases Comforter - Vintage Instant Digital Download PDF

So... this is one of my favorite patterns that I have posted thus far... it is listed to purchase in my Etsy Store right now and will go into my web store shortly.

This is for an adorable vintage crochet pattern from 1920 for a complete set of sheets, pillowcases, bedspread, and comforter for a baby doll's doll bed.  This is made for originally and pictured with a doll's four-poster mahogany bed, per the caption.

Per the pattern, "if dolly is big enough to walk she should, of course, have a dignified Colonial bed.  The bed for which this set was made measured 32 x 18 inches, and had a stationary mattress.  By making this set larger it would be suitable for a child's bed."

The sheets measure 29 x 24 inches.  There is a 1 1/2 inch hem between an edge and insertion of the same depth.  This uses a bird pattern design along the insertion and edges.

The pillow slips are 9 3/4 inches long by 6 1/4 inches wide and are finished with the bird edge the same as on the sheets.  The insertion is omitted on the pillow slips.

The comforter is made of blue silk stamped with bright pink roses.  It uses a 36-inch width of material, which when doubled will measure just one half yard wide to fit the bed.  It is padded with layer cotton and tacked down with tan colored wool.  The edges are crocheted.

The spread is 19 inches wide by 27 inches long, and is finished with knotted fringe which is 3 inches deep.  A crocheted octagon motif is used.  This octagon bedspread pattern also can be used for an adult sized bed.

More details on this can be found in the actual listing.  Click here to view more!

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