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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sewing machine man article & a preview of my newly inherited sewing machine (which I know nothing about)

Sewing machine man - Kentucky New Era: News

I inherited a sewing machine recently, an Emdeko Precision LT-72 (Made in Japan).  While doing research on it, I came across this article and wanted to share it because I thought it was so interesting.  I'm a compulsive pattern collector... I don't know how I would store a sewing machine collection!!! Patterns take much less room, phew!

I will be posting some photos of my "new" old sewing machine soon.  I have no clue about how to use it, can't find an instruction manual, can't find info about the manufacturer, and etc, and am hoping someone can help me out...

Monday, November 17, 2014

A side note on cataloging my patterns... I work on inventorying my pattern collection, I have noticed that some patterns are rather neat, and there are some others where I can see why someone decided to get rid of them.

I won't post any particular patterns, so as not to offend.  It's just a random thought I felt I should share :)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sewing Pattern Inventory Database Using Evernote...

... so I have about a couple thousand sewing patterns, as well as other memorabilia (catalogs, manikins, vintage clothing, thread spools, iron-ons, other vintage crafts, etc lol) which I have been wanting to catalog for quite a while.  I'm a collector and it's a sickness.   I have been trying to find the best way to catalog all of it.

I saw a couple of people using Evernote as a resource to catalogue their sewing patterns.  At first, I thought this wouldn't work for me for my requirements were:

1. Being able to scan the front and back of each pattern
2. Being able to add notes to the pattern (Fabrics, sizes, etc)
3. Being able to notate the year of publication
4. Being able to mark what box they are stored in (this was very important to me, as every time I need a pattern I have to go through 20 boxes looking to see what I have... which is fun, but sometimes time consuming.
5. Be able to sort them based on women, men, children, decor, etc... then subcategory, dress, pants, top, etc.
6. Be able to figure out what duplicates I have based on them being catalogued.
7. Be able to show them off.  That's what a collector does... kind of like how I text pictures of my twins to people everyday... who probably think I'm nuts, but I don't really care because it makes ME feel good. LOL!

So... I asked for some suggestions on my Facebook page, and in the meantime I found both an online website which I thought at first would work and a downloadable open source database (for people with music, video, CD, and etc collections. Then my friend Charles (thankfully) responded to my FB post and pointed out... what happens if the website shuts down? Would I be able to export my collection, etc. He also asked what my main purpose was,
"is sorting/organizing the important thing? Or searching/finding based on your titles and notes? Do you need to know "I have twenty-five sweater patterns, seven of them are cardigans," or "I need to find that wool cardigan pattern with ribbed cuffs."?
He later asked, 
"Can you give me a better understanding of why you want to sort and group? How will you use that ability? These aren't idle questions. Asking why and what leads to the how. The same way you might ask someone "why do you want a big buckle?" If the answer is "for strength," you might say, "here's a better solution.
These were good question which got me thinking, and he kindly did some research and sent me some GREAT links with ideas.  After looking them over, I decided the best method which might work for me was to use Evernote to catalog my collection.  I already am a user of Evernote (often clicking to save articles never to be looked at again lol)... so I am attempting it (there also was a nice idea for cataloguing with your iPhone - which would be awesome accept that my iPhone 3 [yes you read that right] seems to disagree).   What's nice is that, as one blogger (and fellow pattern hoarding nerd) pointed out,  Evernote allows you to tag and search items, and it has an app for your computer, iPad, phone, etc so if you happen to be at the fabric store and see a fabric that would be great for a pattern you know you have, you can look up the pattern and see the required yardage and notions right there!!!!

So... I am currently testing out the Evernote method using some "newer" vintage patterns.  What is nice is that instead of scanning in each of my individual patterns, I can do an internet search and find where someone has already scanned it and just drag it over into my note.  Saves me a TON of time.  I have a feeling I will be scanning when I get to the really old patterns, but starting out with the more recent vintage patterns, there's often someone selling it somewhere who in addition to having already scanned it has typed up the description on the back of the pattern, which I can copy and paste to my note.  Additionally, I am thinking of later setting up a separate notebook for patterns and items that I want...

AND as I stated above, I want to show it off as well LOL which gives the added advantage of people possibly giving me helpful suggestions.  I have added a tab at the top of my blog which should open up the public link to my pattern database for anyone who would like to see my work in progress.

You can see my database (work in progress) at my public link Aimee's Personal Pattern Inventory.  There's also a new tab at the top of my blog which will take you there as well.

To give credit where credit is due, as well as very precise instructions on this method, here is the link to the method I'm trying out

Saturday, November 15, 2014

My Little Lobster Twins on Halloween

This year, for their first "official" halloween, (they were only 2 weeks old last year so we kept them inside) my 1-year old twins went as lobsters.  Even my hubby congratulated me on the costumes as we laughed our butts off.  I also got my hubby a $3 chef hat off Amazon which he wore as he strollered them around the neighborhood with the rest of the trick-or-treat crew.

I didn't make these.  I actually bought them off amazon, last minute.  Thankfully I'm a member of Amazon Prime so I ordered them and 2 days later (the day before Halloween) they were on my porch.

(By the way, these were super warm and the fit was perfect.  Here's the link to where I got them if you ever want your own baby lobster :) Lil Characters Unisex-baby Infant Lobster Costume

Friday, November 14, 2014

My twins are 1! And my house is a mess!

My twins officially turned 1 on October 16th.  My son, Zoltàn is getting both of his first bottom teeth at the same time.  My daughter, Storm, is just starting to get her first bottom tooth, we can feel it.  So they aren't going to be toothless!!!!  They were both exactly 17 pounds 10 oz at their 1 year check up a couple weeks ago.  Zo isn't even on the chart for his size/height, and Storm is in the 3%... but I guess that's to be expected with twins born at smaller weights.  Storm was born first at 5 lbs 6 oz, and Zo was second (13 min later) at 5 lbs 5 oz... so they should be smaller... though the doctor asked if we had shorter people in our family and suggested they are taking after them, since they are in perfect health.

And a side note about having twins... I was told that they would have to stay in the hospital a minimum of 3 days, since thats standard with twins... mine were out in 2 days, just like a single baby would be.  In fact when the nurses came in to tell me they could go, they said even they were surprised because they'd never seen twins get out in two days before! I DID NOT have a c-section, though I did have an epidural... and it did wear off twice! And my husband told me that the second time it wore off and I was screaming bloody murder every time I had a contraction (while the nurses said I had to wait because the anesthesiologist was busy [? wtf]), that he was actually impressed by how nice I actually was as I grabbed his shirt and pleaded with him to help me, but did not curse or yell hate at anyone :) lol

Anyway, I just got my blog up and running again.  Currently, I am working on a pattern database to start cataloging my collection.  I am a sucker for vintage sewing patterns and sewing memorabilia.  It's the one thing I collect, so I thought it was time to try and put it in some order.

Hopefully now that I actually have a little time again (i.e., the twins play with each other now, and don't completely depend on me, lol), I can start sewing and crafting again!  I'm looking forward to getting my sewing room (basement) back in order as well!  Granted I have to squeeze all of this in with the time that I am working full time doing real estate appraisal working from home while watching my children and desperately trying to clean my house... I still am waiting for a maid, nanny, gardner, butler, and cook to show up with volunteer services at my doorstep...

Friday, June 21, 2013

21 Weeks Pregnant with Twins + Severe Round Ligament Pain

Today I am 21 weeks and 3 days pregnant with twins (a boy AND a girl, yay!!) and last night around 4:30 am I woke up crying out in pain.  The pain was coming in waves, and lasted for about 20 to 30 minutes.  It would die down then flare up again, all in my lower abdomen.  I could feel babies kicking and moving all over the place.

My husband, mostly annoyed that I had woken him up with my cries of pain (his cranky butt had gotten up at 5:30 the previous morning to take his mother to the airport) says, "well you aren't in labor are you?"... um really? This is my first pregnancy.  And it's twins.  HOW THE HELL WOULD I KNOW IF I WAS IN LABOR???!!! So Dr. Hubby looked on the internet and said he believed it was just round ligament pain and told me to toughen up* (*note:  this was a mean thing to say.  He thinks it's funny to tease me till I get pissed off me because he thinks I have a temper... and apparently he somehow finds humor in it.  However, I do not think it was an appropriate statement to make at that exact time. So I made him rub my belly and back after that until I was able to fall asleep. Hmph.)

This morning I called my doctor's office and asked the nurse if this was normal, to which she replied, "most definitely not".  She called back a few hours later (why the rush?) and said the doctor believes it was round ligament pain which presented itself in a very severe manner.

Well freaking great.  I am so sore it isn't even funny.  My entire lower abdomen has never been so sore.  My back hurts.  I have an all over unpleasant feeling.  It hurts to go up and down the stairs.  It hurt to carry a gallon of milk.  When I walk around it feels like things are just going to fall out.  So I asked the doctor what I could do for the pain and I was given these exciting tips:

1. Take Tylenol, up to extra strength (which she said if I only had regular strength I could take up to 3 which would equal extra strength.

2.  I can use a heating pad on the very lowest setting for 15 minute increments... so on for 15 minutes and off for 15 minutes rotation.

3.  Apparently the way I am sleeping can be a factor, so I can utilize a wedge pillow OR try sleeping on the couch if it is comfortable (which it is not).  I have been sleeping only on my left side pretty much, which she said when we sleep in bed with someone we tend to sleep facing away from them on whatever side of the bed is ours.  She said people find on the couch it is easier to wedge the pillows in front and back and get more comfortable.

We have a "red neck" sofa as my mother likes to call it.  It reclines, it vibrates, it heats, has reading lights, cup holders, and a slide out drawer with storage for your remote controls with a built in beer cooler.  It is the best couch on earth in every single way... unless you want to sleep on it.  There are too many metal components underneath that are not comfy whilst lying down across the couch cushions (as opposed to sitting in recliner position).

Interesting note on the way hubby and I are sleeping though... I was told that basically I would have so many pillows around me to be comfortable that I would be taking up about 3/4 of the bed and hubby would barely have any space.  Apparently he didn't get the memo.  I wake up all the time to see him sprawled out on my pillows with his elbow in my face, and etc.  I have to push him back to his side! lmao!

4.  The nurse said that most of the pain is probably due to the rapid amount of stretching and extra pressure being put on me by having two babies in there... so she recommended that I get one of these ultra super sexy contraptions...

It's You Babe Best Cradle, Small (90-165 Pounds)

It is called the "Prenatal Cradle."  She said you wear it during the day for extra support for the tummy and back and take it off at night.  My husband is picking me up one on his way home from work.  Frankly, I don't care how overly sexy it is as long as it takes the pain away.  :)  We will see how this goes...

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

PDF McCall's Magazine September 1903 Fashion Patterns by vkcouture

I just opened my Etsy store back up and have recently listed a few items, including a few digital items... including the following.  Trying to figure out if I should take the watermark off of the cover image... hmmm...

Update November 17, 2014:

I no longer have been using my Etsy store, but have just made the PDF available at my new personal store, and can be found here:  McCall's Magazine September 1903 Fashion Patterns [DIGITAL DOWNLOAD]

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