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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Vintage Victorian Crochet Pattern for Poinsettia Luncheon Set - Runner, Centerpiece & Doily

This is another new item which is now for sale as an instant digital download in my store. It is an old Victorian Crochet pattern for a runner, centerpiece and a set of doilies with simply elegant detail.

Vintage Victorian Pattern for Baby Crib Blanket Bedspread with Animals for Filet Crochet or Cross Stitch

I have just added another wonderful item to my online store, which is available for instant download!

This is a PDF DIGITAL DOWNLOAD COPY of a precious crochet or cross stitch pattern for a baby's crib spread.

This pattern is adorable, featuring many different animals including a bunny, horse, elephant, rooster, hen, horse, cat, squirrel, deer, and hen. The center features a home and pelicans with the word "baby" and the year.

The design requires a piece of material 54 inches wide and 64 inches long as the foundation. Materials also suggested include Corticelli Mercerized Cordonnet, Art. 66, 16 balls of White, Size 50 or 60. One No. 13 steel Crochet Hook.
The pattern indicates that all of the work patterns shown are suitable for filet crochet or cross stitch. Instructions are included for the crochet blanket spread edge.

For more images and information, follow the link to the item here in my personal webstore or you can visit my Etsy shop here.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Victorian 1920s Crochet Pattern of Boudoir Slippers or Shoes

New store arrival -

This is a PDF DIGITAL DOWNLOAD COPY of a wonderful vintage crochet pattern from 1920 for a pair of bedroom slippers with a medallion design.

From the pattern, "A pair of dainty boudoir slippers of crochet medallions are worked in ecru cordonnet and lined with pink satin."

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Sewing Pattern Storage

As an avid pattern collector as well as a former art museum employee, I am adamant about protecting my collection.  However, unlike a museum collection I do not have a large temperature controlled storage room with racks, archival quality large flat latching boxes, and unlimited amounts of glassine among other things (hmmm... future gofundme project?)

What I am discussing here is not the perfect way to store your pattern collection, but it is a practical way (I think).

I take each of my sewing patterns and if possible try to remove any old pins that may be attached. I have found the occasional pin which is so rusted that I will leave it rather than risk ripping the pattern, but most remove easily.   I then store each pattern separately in a 4-mil polyethylene ziplock bag.  These are the same type of bags that comic book and magazine collectors generally use for storage.

For standard sized patterns, I use a 6 x 9 inch bag, such as this one here.  The 6 x 9 bag generally fit patterns by Butterick, Simplicity, Hollywood, etc. perfectly.

For larger sized patterns, I use a 9 x 12 inch bag, such as this one here.  McCall's patterns tend to be a bit wider and slide into these bags perfectly sideways, I then fold the excess plastic over.  These bags are also perfect for storing larger Vogue Patterns, as well as vintage pattern magazines and smaller pattern catalogs, and etc.

I always make sure to get the ziplock kind to keep out moisture and dust.  I then store them in large plastic bins or standard sized filing boxes such as these here.  Cardboard boxes like these are fine if as long as the patterns are in sealed in the plastic bags and therefore won't touch the box.  What I love about using these boxes is that with standards sized patterns you can perfectly fit two rows of patterns in the box, longways, and on the outside you can mark what is inside the box (e.g. Simplicity 1970s Patterns).

Generally, I store my patterns with the tissue inside of the package, unless it is brittle or frail.  I have heard of some people sandwiching the package between the pattern pieces for protection.  However, I think of it much like I would a book.  The cover of the book was put there to protect the pages, much like the pattern envelope is there to protect the pattern pieces.  I'm sentimental, so if someone left a swatch attached to the pattern for the 1950s dress they made, I will typically remove the pin but leave the swatch with the pattern. Whenever I ship a pattern to someone, I send it in one of these bags - archival and extra protection for the pattern during shipping.

If anyone has any thoughts or other ideas, I would love to know what works best for you!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Butterick's Delineator Fashion Magazine from August 1888 for PDF Download

I previously posted about my new store that I am beginning to set up online.  The first two items are up, and both are digital downloads.  The first was McCall's Magazine from September 1903.

I have also recently uploaded for sale Butterick's "The Delineator" Magazine from August 1888 for digital download (copy). There are additional example plates from the magazine on the store website.

This wonderful Victorian Era magazine features many a full fashion plate of bathing suits available at the time as well as many partial page fashion plates with lengthy descriptions of the pattern shown. These include women's, men's, misses, girls, boys, bonnets, cloaks, and infant gowns.

Other features include articles on:

  • Directions for Smocking or Honey-Combing
  • Remarks on Current Fashions
  • Illustrated Miscellany (Hats & Bonnets, Stylish Lingerie, Dressmaking at Home, The Working Table, Artistic Needlework, Children's Corner, Styles for Gentlemen)
  • Midsummer Dress Fabrics
  • Fashionable Trimmings
  • Midsummer Millinery
  • Social Life
  • Tea-Table Talk
  • Canning & Preserving (Chapter 2 - assumed Chapter 1 is in the previous issue)
  • Rambles Among Books
  • Girlhood (No. 2 - In Society)
  • Their Summer Outing

As I said on the other one, the watermark on the cover is removed in the downloaded version.  Shortly I will be adding some sewing patterns for sale.

This is such a neat magazine, and I LOVE the fashion plates and pattern descriptions in this magazine and cannot believe it has held together for over 120 years now!  I know some people buy magazines like this and pull them apart and sell them off page by page.  Personally, that makes me sad...

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

McCall's Magazine September 1903 Fashion Patterns for PDF Download

I have been working on setting up a retail website to sell some digital downloads of some rare pattern magazines I have as well as to start selling some of my sewing pattern collection.  I have downloads up and available now.  I would love any feedback anyone has, obviously I need more content since this is a start up it's a bit sad looking now.  I would also like to scale down the size of my logo... once I figure out how to do it... lol!

Here is one of the first digital downloads I have available.  It is a gorgeous magazine and a prized possession :)  It's watermarked with my logo now, but the watermark is removed in the PDF download version.  Several other pages can be viewed on the new store website I am working on.

Magazine features many articles of current fashions including women, children and millinery. There are many clothing prints with corresponding McCall's pattern listed along with price, description and materials needed.

There is an article on how to use a McCall's pattern and take measurements as well as instructions to crochet a pretty shawl, dainty handkerchief bag, a plate doily, and hanging pocket.

Featured articles include (from the Table of Contents):
  • Early Autumn Fashions
  • The Summer House of the "First Lady in the Land" (Illustrated) (Article about Roosevelt's home at Sagamore Hill, the Home at Oyster Bay, Long Island, NY)
  • The Professor's Love Affair (Story)
  • Random Notes
  • Early Romances of Famous Men
  • New Millinery for Autumn (Illustrated)
  • Hints for the Up-to-Date Girl (Illustrated)
  • Children's Page (Illustrated)
  • Making Fall Coats and Jackets (Illustrated)
  • Dress and Fashion
  • Ladies' Shirt Waist and Fancy Waist
  • Ladies' Outdoor Costumes and Child's Coat
  • Unnecessary Noise
  • Ladies' Costumes
  • How to Look Young
  • How Society Women Recuperate
  • Fall Costumes for Misses and Children
  • Ladies' Dressy Costumes
  • Ladies' Blouse Jacket and Shirt Waists
  • Some Pretty Crocheted Articles (Illustrated)

This item is available in my store following this link or it can also be purchased here on Etsy.

Let me know your thoughts!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sewing machine man article & a preview of my newly inherited sewing machine (which I know nothing about)

Sewing machine man - Kentucky New Era: News

I inherited a sewing machine recently, an Emdeko Precision LT-72 (Made in Japan).  While doing research on it, I came across this article and wanted to share it because I thought it was so interesting.  I'm a compulsive pattern collector... I don't know how I would store a sewing machine collection!!! Patterns take much less room, phew!

I will be posting some photos of my "new" old sewing machine soon.  I have no clue about how to use it, can't find an instruction manual, can't find info about the manufacturer, and etc, and am hoping someone can help me out...

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